Causes Of Depression In Women

Causes Of Depression In Women

Women are likely to develop depression twice compared to males. These are results from several studies. Mental health institutes indicate that depression is common in women as compared to men and this is attributed to some social and biological factors exclusive to ladies. This article will give you some of the major causes of depression in women.

Causes of depression

Hormonal changes

having a headacheWomen go through many hormonal changes in their life compared to men. For example, during pregnancy and after delivery, a woman deals with mood swings, majorly due to challenges in dealing and bonding with the newborn. Not forgetting during menopause where women have to deal with emotional changes including sadness, depression, and irritation. All the above changes together with a high-stress level result to high risks of depression.

Disrupted personal relationships

Women got more dedicated and involved in relationships. If the relationship does not work as per their wish, the risk of depression goes high. Daily struggle with family, job, and other responsibilities add more troubles. Sometimes the pressure and stress are too much and unbearable resulting in depression.

Increased worry and stress

Stress is a factor affecting women more as compared to men. The fact that women are prone to difficulties such as domestic violence, assaults or sexual abuse makes the situation worse. Such occurrences leave a lifetime adverse effect on the affected brain. In women, depression is suspected if they are suffering sadness and low self-esteem which does not go away easily.

Loss support system

For women to lead a happy and satisfied life, they require more care and love than men. Therefore, the loss of a support system either friends or family hugely impact their health. At the end of the day, the woman in question increases the risk of suffering depression.

Body image

sad womanWomen are more likely to suffer from body image related issues. This is witnessed mostly during adolescence. If not carefully handled, it results in depression. During puberty, girls experience many changes in their body, lifestyle, coping skills or relationships. The above changes will eventually lead to depression.

Recognizing depression

Diagnosing depression is a hard task. Symptoms like sadness, changes in sleeping patterns, hopelessness, loss of interest in things you once loved, guilt, could be of help in diagnosing early depression signs.