How to Manage Your Income

a person holding money

Money and expense management is one thing that adults need to learn. As they need to arrange things to survive each month, the knowledge will give them the power to manage their life. Unfortunately, statistics show a saddening fact where more than sixty percent of adults of productive ages do not even know how to manage their monthly income. Additional sources of income may help, but there is always a chance that things will not go as planned. Instead of depending on an additional salary, you need to start upgrading your money management skills.

The management skills need two significant aspects, and they are the theories and the actual practice. Note that these aspects can be different between the knowledge and the practice, as there are various variables in one’s financial life. For that reason, you need to always be ready whatever conditions you may or will be dealing with. Instead of spending money on management services, you can follow the tips below.

Saving First

One effective move you can do is to save your money right after the payment comes. Many people get the order wrong as they prefer to save the remaining money. The biggest part in question is those who have a minimum salary. How can they survive without savings if they tend to run out of the money even before the end of the month? Note that savings are an essential part of your financial life, and you need to make sure that you put some money into your savings. The best way to start is by putting your money to the saving account right after the payment comes. This way, you can still add a certain amount of money to your savings as you find ways to survive with the remaining money. One tip for you is to have two different bank accounts. The one for the saved money should not have a debit card so that you will not be tempted to take the money.


Taking notes of all your expenses each month is the next thing to do if you aim to have a healthier economic life. Looking at the records will tell you which posts need the biggest amount of money and how to reduce the expenses. The notes will be a valuable input for your finance as you can learn about spending your money wisely. In addition to that, you will have the ability to track down all the expenses and cut down on unnecessary things.